Vitamin-E Oil (15ml)


  • Highly effective on dandruff.
  • Stretch marks can be reduced
  • Effective on Darkspots, sunspots, acne and skin ailments
  • Soothes eczema, skin redness etc
  • Visible effects on skin tones improvement

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Devik Organics Vitamin E Oil

Devik Organics Vitamin E Oil is organic, non-toxic, and natural oil having ability to protect your skin, nail and hair from external factors like UV rays, dust, dirt, cold wind, etc.

Our high-quality and Pure Vitamin E Oil can be used for Skin, Nail and Hair Care purposes. It is rich in antioxidants which makes it effective against multiple skin issues.

In addition, our organic Vitamin E Oil possesses Anti-aging properties and is widely used in many anti-aging applications.

The Emollient and Anti-inflammatory properties of Vitamin E Body Oil can be used for manufacturing moisturizers, body lotions, face creams, etc.

It has a soothing effect on the skin, which makes it useful against Skin Inflammation and itchiness. The same benefit can be received by massaging it on an itchy scalp as well.

within usage of 7days you can feel amazing benefits on your skin and hairs.


For Dark Circles: Add some drops of Vitamin E Oil in a moisturizer or cream and apply it over the dark circles that form around your eyes.

Haircare: Massaging Devik Organics Vitamin E Oil regularly on your scalp makes it healthy, which eventually makes your hair stronger.

Stretch Marks : Massage pure Vitamin E oil regularly on stretch mark areas. The skin regenerative properties and rejuvenating impact of Vitamin-E Oil will fade the stretch marks by making the area as smooth and soft as before.

Anti-Aging: Vitamin E Oil can reverse aging due to its ability to promote collagen production

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