Coffee Robusta Soap, combo pack of 5 soaps


  • Reduce Dark Circles Around Your Eyes.
  • Protect Your Skin from Sunburn
  • Treats Acne with Antibacterial Properties.
  • Anti-aging prevents wrinkes
  • Treating Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes…one of the best exfoliant
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It’s a rich source of antioxidants: Loading up skin with the antioxidants in coffee protects it and bolsters its natural defences. some studies showed that coffee  extracts can be responsible for skin cell energy preservation due to its free-radical properties.”

It protects against harsh sun rays: UV rays are harmful and may even lead to more complicated and life-threatening skin diseases. Protecting your skin with caffeine may protect it against UV carcinogens.

According to a study, caffeine actually inhibits the DNA damage response, thus protecting skin against the adverse effects of UV rays. The inhibition of DNA damage response may offer a therapeutic option for non-melanoma skin cancer.

It makes skin smooth and bright: Because of its qualities that signal tissue repair, coffee plays a crucial role in regulating cell re-growth, leading to retained hydration (increased collagen) and increased skin elasticity.

It enhances circulation: When coffee promotes blood circulation, it leads to healthy and energised skin, effectively reducing the swelling of tissues and de-puffing areas of the skin.You can also make coffee ice cubes in advance and trace it over the affected are.

5 added Benefits of Coffee for Skin :

1. Face scrub

2. Scalp exfoliator

3. Anti-cellulite body scrub

4. Skin brightener

5. Reduce puffy eyes

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